About Us

Axius Solutions is a specialized global FinTech company working with customers to design, develop & deploy state-of-the-art financial solutions that connect a world of buyers, sellers and individuals together.

We work with our clients who are underserved, unbanked, or underbanked to implement financial solutions who require domestic & international financial products and services; where development in new financial technology is changing the way they conduct business and live their lives.

There are countless moving parts in the electronic payments industry but Axius helps our customers navigate financial transactions at all levels from sponsor banks & acquirer compliance, to end user and end customer payment solutions. Axius has simple and secure solutions that enable nearly any business or individual to accept currencies globally.

We have found that the collective knowledge of our experiences with payment processors, technology firms, negotiations, cost analysis, operations, process training, international & alternative payments, mobile payments, and e-commerce has consistently benefited our clients.

As industry people with over 120 years collective experience in the payments & technology space, we decided to share what we’ve learned from our own successes and challenges with those tasked with finding better, faster, scalable ways of transacting movement of money exchanges.

     Our Connected Partner Network

    Axius’ connected network provides local payment expertise in every market and across the entire payment lifecycle. That’s where Axius Solutions and Our Partner Networks come in. 

    • “Network of Networks” ensures deep local expertise in every market; including coverage, quality, regulatory cover, pricing, and service.
    • Local funds in and funds out expertise across gateways, banks, wallets, processors, stores and other licensed channels.
    • Best of breed Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) tools in an integrated program that applies the right risk-based approach for each scenario.
    • Optimally priced Foreign Exchange (FX) from a marketplace of specialists to provide rates and protections for each transaction.

      Unparalleled Security

      We offer Active Compliance Management as a security framework to achieve and maintain data security compliance resulting in the dramatic reduction of risk associated with external cyberattacks and internal threats.

      Essential Elements of the Axius Active Compliance Management System

      • Compliance assessments (PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and others)
      • Penetration and vulnerability testing
      • Deployment of the compliance stack
      • Implement security plan, policies and procedures
      • Education and training of employees
      • 24 x 7 active monitoring of all systems